dolphin pool cleaners

 Top 7 dolphin pool cleaners

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Top 7 dolphin pool cleaners


Nobody wants to enjoy swimming in a filthy pool. You need to maintain the pools properly in terms of getting hygienic and clean water. Pool robots can give you offer you the utmost benefits in this case as it can shorten the cleaning time of your pool. But it doesn’t mean that you need to work harder. You just need to take a smart move. Just pick up the best dolphin pool cleaner. And your job will be done.


Multiple dolphin pool cleaners are available in the market that comes with design features. As a result, it becomes hard for you to choose the right one. We have given here a list of the best dolphin pool cleaners. This guide will help you to figure out the suitable one for your necessity. The buying guide is also included here in terms of assisting you and to let you know how to choose the best pool cleaners.


Best seven Dolphin pool cleaners


  1. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner with Dual Scrubbing Brushes— Best overall
  2. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner— Best dolphin pool cleaner for the money
  3. Dolphin m400 pool cleaner
  4. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  5. Dolphin Active 20 Robotic pool cleaner
  6. Dolphin S 300 Residential Pools Robotic Cleaner
  7. Dolphin m600 Robotic pool cleaner


Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner 

This dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner can clean your pool with absolute efficiency. Hence, what you need to do is to drop this tool in the pool. This pool cleaner comes with two powerful scrubbing brushes.


Besides, it has an additional multi-filter kit. If you’re very concerned regarding the cleanliness of the pool, then you must try this one. This one of the best Dolphin pool cleaners supports in-ground pools.


dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner





Included things:

It comes with standard cartridges, micro-cartridges, and an oversized leaf/debris bag. Hence, you will also get Disposable debris bags with this pool cleaner

Scrubs Floor, and Wall, with Waterline:

This pool cleaner is designed in such a way so that it can clean the pool surfaces skillfully including the tile and waterline with pinpoint precision.

DC Motors:

The DC motors are ultra-efficient. These dolphin pool cleaners have dual scrubbing brushes that can clean each square inch.

Entire Pool Coverage:

It comes with a smart Nav software that can offer you highly optimized scanning and coverage. Moreover, it has a few advanced algorithms that clean 100% of the pool floor, wall & tile, and pool floor.

Advanced Weekly Control:

A few cleaners are there that you need to turn on manually each day. This pool cleaner has a Smart control weekly timer. As soon as the cleaner will get full, the LED full indicator light gives alerts.



  • Cleans effectively
  • Three-year warranty


  • A little bit expensive


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Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner


What makes this dolphin pool cleaner the second-best one in our top choice is its top-loading filter cartridge. It comes with an advanced algorithm that assists you to keep all the sections of the pool clean from front to back, and the sides as well. It is equipped with dual scrubbing brushes. Moreover, this Dolphin pool cleaner is very easy to use.


dolphin m400




Efficiently clean debris:

It only takes the usual operating cost of 5 cents per hour. Now, you don’t need to give a high energy bill for a clean pool.

Compact and Nimble:

With the help of the dolphin pool cleaner, you can clean the walls of your pool with ease. It comes in versatile uses and can work on any pool surface.



  • Simple program interface
  • Energy efficient


  • MyDolphin Bluetooth App is not supported.


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Dolphin m400 pool cleaner


The Dolphin m400 is made in such a way so that it can offer deep cleaning.


The pools that are up to 15m in length, for those this ones are the best options in this case. It features some advanced systems that ensure proper cleaning of the floor, walls, and waterline. As a result, you will get clean and hygienic water in your pool.


dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner




Simple and durable:

It is very easy to set up. Hence, you only need to plug the wire and switch on the button to power up Dolphin M400. For long-term usages, this pool cleaner is the exact one.


Dual drive motor:

The dolphin pool cleaner contains two drive-motors. Using the motors, you can get both optimal pool maneuverability and coverage. By using this pool cleaner, you will get accurate and systematic scanning of the floor, walls, and water-line.


Triple-active brushing:

This pool cleaner has three active brushes that offer efficient cleaning. Therefore, it can easily discard dust, dirt, and debris.



  • Durable
  • Easy to set-up


  • Buyers have doubts that this pool cleaner consumes extra energy


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Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner


The dolphin e10 series robot cleaner has such a design that can clean above ground pools with ease. This pool cleaner can protect your hands from the difficulties of scrubbing the pool floor.


This dolphin e10 series robot cleaner can clean the complete pool within just 1.5 hours. It contains multiple advanced features like smart navigation, active brushing, and so on.


dolphin pool




Easy to clean:

People use it mainly for cleaning above-ground swimming pools. These dolphin pool cleaners are perfect for cleaning the pools up to 30 feet. Moreover, you will get two-year quality assurance on the pool.


Fast clean:

Now, you can clean your pool within just 1.5 hours by using this dolphin e10 series robot cleaner.



In this case, there is no need to use any extra pumps or hoses for getting the pool cleaned.



  • Excellent cleaning performance.
  • value for money
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Large filter basket.


  • Users need to buy the ultra-fine filter separately


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Dolphin Active 20 Robotic pool cleaner


The Maytronics Dolphin Active 20 is very simple to handle. All credits go to its ultralight weight and quick water release.


It has such filtration options that can easily eliminate rough debris or fine dirt. As a result, you will get the walls and waterline sparkling clean.




Ultimate Cleaning Technology:

The dolphin active 20 uses CleverClean Smart Navigation that gives you an entire pool coverage whereas the other pool cleaners use different patterns to clean the pool floor. This pool cleaner can give you an easy and relaxing pool cleaning experience.


Clean Walls and Waterlines

It contains durable tracks along with two scrubbing brushes. These make the cleaner able to eliminate leaves, dirt, and debris from the floor, walls, and waterline.


Energy Efficient.

The energy consumption of the dolphin active 20 is less than 5 cents of energy per hour. Moreover, this cleaner is eight times more energy-efficient compared to other cleaners.


No Tangling


It has a patented Dolphin Swivel technology using which you can easily get rid of tangling.




  • Comes with Dolphin swivel technology
  • Clean the walls perfectly.



  • Doesn’t come with any sensor that indicates that the bucket is filled.


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Dolphin S 300 Residential Pools Robotic Cleaner


The Maytronics Dolphin S300 comes with advanced features like multi-layer filtration. You can get a regular cleaning mode in a Maytronics Dolphin.


It offers you a full clean within two hours. If you want, you can use the fast mode also for efficient cleaning. This pool cleaner even allows you to use the MyDolphin™ mobile app. With the help of this dolphin s300, you can set-up cleaning programs and cleaning cycle times.



best robotic pool cleaner




Clean anytime and anywhere

It has a few Schedule weekly cleanings, cycle options, etc. You can use the spot clean with the help of the MyDolphin Plus app.


No need for Brushing:

Now, you can scrub the waterline easily using the Dolphin s300. It can filter out all kinds of debris.


Effortless Cleaning

It contains a Tangle-free cable. It enables you to clean your pool with great efficiency.




  • Cleans easily
  • Eliminates all debris


  • Expensive

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Dolphin m600 Robotic pool cleaner


What makes the Dolphin m600 pool cleaner special is its groundbreaking technologies and customizable features. This cleaner enables you to utilize the MyDolphin Plus app. This Dolphin m600 pool cleaner comes with the dual-drive Powerstream. You will get improved suction power from this cleaner compared to previous models.




Unstoppable Clean

This one of the best dolphin pool cleaners are designed in such a way so that it can deliver incomparable scrubbing of walls, floor as well as waterline.


Waterline Valet

This pool can remove the debris from the edge of your pool quickly and efficiently.


Great filtration

It comes with an excellent suction power that is perfect for optimal water filtration.



  • Filters and clears debris easily
  • Outstanding suction power


  • Screws are missing
  • Customer service is not up to the mark.


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Buying guide

When you are going to choose Dolphin pool cleaners, a few factors are there that you need to consider. The type of the pool, features, how fast it can clean the pool, etc factors are there. Here, we have given all these factors that you must look for before buying the best robotic pool cleaner.


Usually, dolphin cleaners are used to clean any of the in-ground and above-ground pools. However, a few cleaners are there that you can use for both cases. You can get a few cleaners that can clean the corners of pools properly.



The length of the cord on the machine is also a worrying factor. The bigger the pool, the longer cord you need.

Presence of Steps, stairs, and waterlines:

Most of the pool cleaners can make the floor of the pool clean with zero difficulties. But a few cleaners are there that are unable to clean stairs and steps or the walls. Also, there are a few cleaners that can’t clean up to the waterline. The price of the cleaner depends on how many abilities the cleaner has.


How much Debris will your pool collect depends on where you live. You can see your pool collecting plenty of tiny particles like dirt, sand, and pollen or plenty of large debris like leaves, seeds, and twigs. However, if you see large debris in your pool, then you may need a cleaner with a big filter basket.

It is because if you use a big basket, it doesn’t fill up too fast. You can use ultra-fine filters whether you get to see the small debris accumulation in the pool.



A robotic pool cleaner comes with a wide array of cleaning methods. As an example, you need to use those cleaners that consist of good scrub brushes.  But a few cleaners are there that come with only suction power. Therefore, you need extra manual brushing.



Plenty of dolphin robotic cleaners are available in the market which comes with multiple different features. Therefore, keeping the factors in mind you can easily choose a dolphin pool cleaner. Now, you can select the best one from these dolphin pool cleaners list depending on the cleaning ability, size, and durability.


Should I leave the Dolphin cleaner in the pool?

Yes, you can leave your Dolphin cleaner in the water. But if you have added chemicals to the pool, you need to remove it until the proper chlorine and PH balance are obtained.

How often should you run your dolphin pool cleaner?

Usually, a user needs to run regularly or at least once a day. However, if you swim irregularly, then you can run it at least once every week or every two weeks. When you use a cover for your swimming pool, then you can use it monthly.

For which specifications dolphin pool cleaner is famous?


Dolphin pool cleaners are exoteric for their performance and durability especially. Besides, it is very easy to use and doesn’t need more maintenance.

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