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Top Five Best Swim Spa Guidelines in 2022

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Top Five Best Swim Spa In 2022


Are you searching for a swim spa? If you want to buy an in-ground swim spa, try always to go with the best one. It helps to treat muscle pain, exercise and helps to increase your endorphins. This article covers the best swim spas available in the market. These can vary in price.


What is a swim spa?

So, what is a swim spa? It is actually an alternative to a swimming pool. A swim spa can allow you to do water exercise. There exists a jet system used to generate a water current and make you feel like swimming in the river. Due to this current, you can swim in place.

Therefore, a lot of space is not required. It works like a treadmill for swimming. Users can install them above ground or in the ground, indoors or outdoors, etc relying on the space you have.


What is a Swim Spa Hot Tub Combo?

A swim spa hot tub combo allows you to enjoy exercise & relaxation, and you don’t need to manage the temperature. We call it dual-zone swim spas also, which come with two separate areas of water.

You can set the temperature of the swimming area in the 70s, while you can set the temperature of the spa area to 104 degrees. The built-in divider helps to keep the areas separate and enables you to enjoy them at the same time.

swim spa

Top five best swim spaS:


1. PDC Spas: Best swim spa overall


It comes in a huge range of choices due to its current power and jet customization. Use the versions which can generate the swimming current with three jets or you can use a dual prop propulsion system to create a really strong current. Selecting between three series of PDC spas is simple for you.





If you are looking for cascading water spouts, then you may want to purchase a Synergy or a TruSwim swim spa, not a Vitality model. You can get 14 swim spas to choose from, which is the largest selection of our companies.



Audio features with LED lights help to make the model personalized. It is available in sizes between 1,792 and 2,700 gallons. Multiple jet options are available that you can select. It relies on whether you are willing to use the model for family fun, therapy, or a thorough workout.



14 swim spas

High level of customization

Ideal for fun and therapy



May feel overwhelmed due to having plenty of options.

 2.H2X Fitness Swim Spas: Best exercise pools with hydrotherapy


 It is an ideal option for those who are looking for a swim spa with hydrotherapy. It is owned by Master Spas. Therefore, you will get top-quality items. 12 different swim spas are available to choose from coming in a huge range. The models are produced in the US and are available in skirting color options.




Steel jets:

These models feature a different number of stainless steel jets that come with a series of swim jets. This hot tub spa helps to generate the current against your swim and exercise.


Perfect for cardio:

You can practice different types of aquatic exercises in this H2X Fitness pool. Thus, you can make the hot tub swim spa perfect to use for in-pool cardio exercise and strength training.


More traction:

When you select the best hot tub swim spa, it offers you more traction and cushioning underfoot.


  •     Huge range
  •     Excellent hydrotherapy features
  •     Default hot tubs are available
  •     Wi-Fi connectivity option available



No cons

 3. Arctic Spa: Cheapest swim spas to run


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The Arctic spas offer plenty of customizable options making it an ideal choice for your family’s needs. At Arctic spas, there are a total of 7 base swim spa models— Hudson, Kingfisher, Wolverine, Ocean, Athabascan, and Okanagan.

It comes with exceptional qualities and options which you can use so that it can meet your requirements. Use them if you are looking for fun with your kids. 




Keep warm:

The heat transfer pure fiberglass shell and an insulation system help the model to keep the heat even during colder months.


Compatible with mobile apps:

It allows you to use a smartphone app to run the model. It  comes with a speaker system and a fancy cover, which help you to protect the investment.



It comes in sizes from 1,347-gallon capacity to 1,453-gallon capacity, the most common size available on the market.


  •     Perfect for all climates
  •     Compatible with apps


  •     Does not come in a huge variety of sizes.

 4. SwimEx: Best swim spa for sheer variety


 The brand creates six residential  spa series. Every model comes with a capacity of a different amount of water due to having different dimensions. These can offer different types of aquatic exercise and relaxation options.

400 OS is the smallest version of the brand, which is capable of holding 2,600 gallons of water. It may look small, but it has enough size to accommodate several people with sufficient room.





The model uses a paddlewheel to generate full-spa water currents.


Running pad:

The 1000 S comes with a stationary underwater running pad that is designed at an angle helping to mimic a treadmill, a step-up area, and an exercise bench.



You can find three wells for weight-bearing exercises. These are ideal, although a few are expensive.


  •     Paddlewheel current models
  •     Ideal to use for all aged people


  •     Expensive Underwater exercise equipment
 5. Hydropool: Best swim spa for customizable features


hydropool swim spa

Hydropool has the best swim spa that can offer you relaxation. It covers plenty of customizable jet and design options. If you are looking for an option for your family, then go with a hydro pool swim spa.


The hydropool swim spa comes with five lines of spas — AquaPlay, AquaTrainer, ExecutiveTrainer, AquaSport, and ExecutiveSport. You can get a total of 14 different models for personalization.




Swim spa steps:

It is possible to customize most swim spa steps, an ozone or bromine filtration system, etc. There exists a cover and internal shells in different colors with an external cabinet.


External siding in different color options:

Users can enjoy external siding that is available in various color options of black and gray. 


  •     Fit in small areas
  •     Choices are available for senior living and health care


  •     Slow response time


Are Swim Spas worth it?

Whether you are not willing to enjoy the water, then using a swim spa is not a good choice. However, those who are willing to enjoy swimming or have their pool can buy it. Sometimes, a swimming pool can make you upset for its high range of prices.

But a swim spa can make the dream real. If you compare a swim spa with a pool, then you will find more advantages than a swim spa. 



If you are going to purchase a swim spa, make sure that there will always be more than a spa. Alongside using it as a spa, it is possible to reduce the temperature also.

As a result, you are capable of using this as a pool for exercise. In addition, these come in multiple options. So, you are capable of including lighting and technology so that your model becomes a fun place to entertain.


Whether you are willing to use these for therapeutic purposes especially, then adding extra jets can help you to get full-body relief. These offer multiple options to make the model a personalized space.


Year-Round Use:

If you are a pool owner, you are capable of using your pool for several months in the best options out of the year. As soon as the summer is gone and the weather turns to fall, water in the pool begins to get colder.

Due to the drop in temperatures, pools are not ideal options. These are comfortable to use in most cases throughout the year.

It is a major factor you should know while comparing between a swim spa vs. a pool.

A swim spa enables you to use it throughout the year. Besides, it is simple to manage the water temperature. Therefore, if you are willing to swim in warmer water in the spring or enjoy the therapy of the spa, then a swim spa is the best option.

In this case, you are not required to wait for the appropriate weather to use or don’t need to sit around. Use them in May, December, or between any time.



These are available in different sizes which come in 10 to 11 feet long by 8 feet wide. However, these might not come with sufficient size for continuous swimming. Therefore, if it is your target, then you need to go with a large model of having 12 to 16 feet long.

These are even available in large sizes at 17 or 18 feet long. If you are looking for the largest ones, then you will find them even up to 19 to 21 feet long.

The swim spas feature all the bells and whistles. Multiple models are available coming with dedicated hot tubs which are separate from the main pool.

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Buying guide of the best swim spa:

These are a few factors that you are required to consider before purchasing the best swim spa.



The first thing that you are required to consider before buying the best swim spa is the categories factor. Before you use any swim spa, it is always better to know about its categories, and options available in the market.

After viewing a lot of options and judging their qualities based on features, you need to select this. It completely relies on the users for which purpose they are willing to use the model as different models have different uses. We have given here an overview of the three distinct categories within the swim spa family—


  •     Entry-level Systems
  •     Mid-level Systems
  •     Premium or Premier Systems


Health benefits and workout options:

Compared to a traditional in-ground swimming pool, it comes in huge options option depending on the size and cost. The position of the Swim spa therapy is at the center indicating that it can offer aquatic fitness.

As a result, it becomes more effective and less physically impactful than land-based exercise. You can use a swim spa to get the therapeutic and wellness benefits. One example of the wellness benefits is hydromassage.


 Pick where it will go:

Almost, all models are single-shell, molded acrylic that is available as pre-plumbed and pre-wired. These are perfect to install on any sound and level surface like outdoor and indoor locations.

However, there are a lot of things to know more about them like outdoor patio, basement, garage, sunroom, or other enclosure.


The bottom line:

We have covered the best five swim spas available in the market. Choose any one according to your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How much money are swim spas?

These are available usually from $7,000 to over $40,000 price relying on the quality. The advantage that you can get from swim spas is that you can swim privately in your own space. Besides, you are capable of enjoying the features of using a hot tub.

It is hardly said that these might be a cost-effective option while you compare them with a traditional swimming pool.


How much does it cost to heat a swim spa in winter?

The estimated cost on average for a 500-gallon spa is about $1 per day. These remain ready always at all times.


Can you use a swim spa as a pool?

If you have a backyard, you may think of using a backyard swim spa. However, a swimming pool can be a choice though. Compared to an inground pool, it is more affordable and it enables you to install in a single day in almost any yard. In addition, you are capable of using this throughout the year.


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