rectangular above ground pools

Top 5 rectangular above ground pools

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Top 5 rectangular above ground pools



Introduction of rectangular above ground pools:


Almost most of you prefer to use Above ground pools to cool off and relax during the hot summer days. Whether you want to add these above ground pools to your backyard, then it can be a great advantage. These above-ground pools are a fantastic way to keep your children entertained and joyous during the scorching heat of hot days. In this case, you can also go for the rectangular above ground pools rather than the ordinary round shaped ones.


Compared to the round pools, the rectangle pool is a little harder to design. These rectangular pools come with tight water sealing design at the corners. While choosing the best rectangular above ground pool, a few factors are there that you need to consider like the material quality of the pools and durability as well.

No one wants to use a rectangular pool that will break down and begin leaking after using merely one or two years. Keeping these factors in mind, you can choose the best rectangular above ground pool. For your convenience, here we have given the top 5 best rectangular above ground pools.

Moreover, you will get a buying guide here that can assist you to pick the best one from these rectangular above ground pools. 


rectangle above ground pool




The list of Most Demanding Top 5 above ground pools:


  1. Intex 8.5′ x 5.3′ x 2.13′ Rectangular Frame Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool
  2. Intex Ultra XTR Set Above Ground Pool
  3. Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set
  4. Best rip Swimming Inflatable Pool, 118″ X 67″ X 22″ Above Ground Rectangular Pools
  5. Bestway Steel Pro 13′ x 7′ x 32″ Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool



Intex 8.5′ x 5.3′ x 2.13′ Rectangular Frame Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool


If you are in need of a backyard pool, then Intex 8.5ft x 5.3ft x 26In Rectangular Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool is the perfect one for you.  The Intex rectangle above ground pool is easy to set-up. It consists of PVC sidewalls and a rust-resistant frame. Kids over six years old can enjoy this swimming pool.





The rectangular above ground pool is perfect for enjoying the hot days of summer. It can be a nice outdoor fun option for kids who are six years old or more than that.



This pool is designed in such a way so that you can easily assemble the pool. This rectangle pool features a powder-coated strong, durable steel frame that is exact for long-term usages. As well as these frames are beneficial for making the rectangular above ground pool enough.



It contains a Convenient drain plug that is attached to the garden hose. As a result, the rectangular pool can easily drain water.



It is a perfect swimming pool that comes with proper setup instructions and maintenance. Here, is no Pump, filter, cover, and ladder.


This Intex rectangle above ground pool is equipped with Heavy-duty PVC material and polyester 3-ply sidewalls. It comes in blue color and the dimensions of the pool are 8.5 x 5.3 x 2.13 feet. The weight of the pool is 37.9 pounds.



  • Outstanding water drainage
  • Easy to set-up


  • A leak exists at the corner of the pool.
  • Pump and cover are not included


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Intex Ultra XTR Set Above Ground Pool



The design of the Intex rectangle above ground pool is perfect for narrow backyards. Those who are lap swimmers and love pool games can buy it for sure. The Ultra XTR set is very durable. It has a sleek gray finish that makes the model easy to set-up.

The pool comes with a powerful Krystal Clear 110-120V, 1200 gallon per hour sand filter pump, ladder, debris cover, and ground cloth for offering a wonderful pool experience. Using the sand filter pump, you can save your time, money, and can have a marvelous swimming experience.


Now, you aren’t required to purchase expensive filters. It is because of the sand filter functions in such a way that fulfills all of your needs. Hence, the only thing you need to do is to backwash the filter daily and replace the sand after every 5 years. The Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set is perfect to make your summer days enjoyable.






The rectangular above ground pool is perfect for kids who are six years old or more than that. It contains a Hydro Aeration Technology that helps to improve the water circulation and filtration in the pump. Moreover, it also improves the water clarity along with enhancing the water’s negative ions.



The rectangle swimming pool has a Gray outer liner and blue tile-print inner liner. It gives you a clean and classic look to your pool. The frame of the pool is durable because of the high-quality galvanized steel. Besides, it has a precision-engineered locking system.



You can set-up this one of the best rectangular above ground pools with ease. It can be ready within sixty minutes for holding water. This Intex rectangle above ground pool comes with a pool ladder, ground cloth, sand filter, and pool cover.



The pump voltage of the pool is 110-120V, whereas the water capacity is 4,545 gallons. It comes in Gray color. And the dimensions of the pool are 18 x 9 x 4.33 feet. The manufactures offer a two-year warranty on the pool.


Rust Resistant Frame:

 It is equipped with A galvanized steel frame that has both inner and outer powder coating. This coating offers strong rust protection.



  • Durable enough
  • Exceptional frame design
  • Comes with rope ties for keeping the pool cover from blowing off.
  • The filter pump is crystal clear.


  • The connector hose is defective


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Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set


If you are looking for a backyard pool for enjoying the summer holidays with your kids, then the Bestway rectangular frame above ground pool is the exact option for you. It is very easy to set up. The steel frame designing of this one of the best rectangular above ground pools is durable and corrosion-resistant. The frame contains a Seal & Lock System so that you will get a sturdy and secure pipe connection.


The pool comes with a Tritech liner made of durable material. Apart from this, the outside part of the liner contains a printed and realistic stone pattern. The backyard pool consists of a filter pump, a safety ladder, a pool cover, and a ChemConnect chemical dispenser. This dispenser can give you neat and clean healthy pool water.


rectangle swimming pool







The Bestway Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool is perfect for any family as it contains a durable steel tube frame and minimal-tool assembly. The dimensions 24′ x 12′ x 52″ clearly indicates that it is perfect for the entire family.


The pool consists of rust and corrosion-resistant coating that assists your rectangle pool to protect from UV and abrasion damage. The design of the connectors helps you to prevent rust and corrosion. And you will get more increased durability.


It has an awesome Seal & Lock System that comes with a secure joint connection. What makes the pool extraordinary is that it doesn’t bend or leak due to the water pressure. The pin-clip design also assists the users to ensure stable joint connections.


This one of the best rectangular above ground pools contains a Chemconnect chemical dispenser.


Hence, you don’t need too many tools for the installation of one of the best rectangular above ground pools. It has a flow-controlled drain valve. The pool contains a sand filter pump, ground cloth, ladder, and filter cartridge.



  • The ground cloth and pump are included
  • Chemconnect chemical cleaner


  • Lack of transparency


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Best rip Swimming Inflatable Pool, 118″ X 67″ X 22″ Above Ground Rectangular Pools 


This rectangular pool is great for splashing and playing. If you want to make fun with your whole family or willing to enjoy a pool party with friends, then this pool is a nice option. The dimensions of the pool are 118″ × 67″ × 22″. It contains 3 Individual Air Chambers.


These three separate layers of material offer extra strength and durability. Here, you need to keep in mind one thing that kids must take advice from adults while playing in the pool.




Big Size:

These rectangular above ground pools can easily fit your family and allow you to enjoy a splashing pool party during the summer vacation. The size of the pool is 118 x 67 x 22 inches.


Easy to set up:

You can set-up the product easily. Moreover, it takes around 3-4 minutes for inflation.


Air Leak-proof Valve Design:

This one of the best rectangular above ground pools contains a layer of an airbag. These airbags have leak-proof sealed valves that don’t allow air to leak. Here, you can see a wear-resistant thermal insulation foam bottom.



These rectangular above ground pools consist of thickened and eco-friendly PVC that are very much durable.




  • Durable
  • Leak-proof valve design


  • Need to inflate again and again while using



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intex rectangle above ground pool


Bestway Steel Pro 13′ x 7′ x 32″ Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Bestway tool comes in a great size that fits any family. The shallow depth of the rectangular above ground pools makes this one perfect for kids. It contains a built-in flow control drain valve that is attached to a garden hose.


It has 2 layers of PVC that make the pool very durable. Therefore, the pool is strong and lightweight also. The water capacity of these rectangular above ground pools is 1,506 gallons. The dimensions of the pool are 13.1 x 6.9 x 2.7 feet.





The frame Consists of rust and corrosion-resistant coating. It keeps the pool protected from UV and abrasion damage.


The pool is equipped with lightweight PVC material that makes the pool more durable. The Bestway rectangular frame above ground pool is tear-resistant.


Hence, you don’t require any tools to install these rectangular above ground pools. Here, you don’t get an ant filter pump.



  • Made with PVC durable material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent frame design


  • Expensive
  • Filter pump is absent


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Buying guide


Are you searching for any rectangular swimming pool for sale? When you are going to buy any pool, you need to consider some important factors. The rectangle above ground pool sizes and shapes are the most important thing you need to consider. Let’s have a look at the different sizes and shapes which you need to consider.



12’ x 6 and Smaller:

These rectangular above ground pools are very small. You can’t use these pools for swimming exercise. These are good for relaxing in the evening time.


16’ x 8’ :

You can use these pools for exercise. But it is not a lap pool. As the size of the pool is very big, therefore you need enough placement and land preparation.


12’ x 24’ and Larger

If you want to make a party with friends, then rectangular above ground pools having size 12 x 24 feet or larger is suitable. But here, you require some preparation work.


Depths of rectangular above ground pools: 



Kiddie Pools

These ones are less deep. It is mainly for kids.

30 inches and less

These pools are perfect for relaxing, but not ideal for those who are in need of a good exercise pool for adults.


42 inches

Kids of more than seven and up can use it.


48 Inches or more

This type of pool is usually expensive. You can use these for exercise and relaxation.




You can set-up rectangular above ground pools easily in your backyard. But before using any backyard pool, you need to consider some things. You can enhance the durability of the pool by placing it a sandy terrain. I hope after checking this article, you can now pick up the best rectangular above ground pool.





Which one should I choose round or rectangular above ground pool?

People can use the rectangular above ground pools for swimming in a straight line. If you want to use a ground pool for lounging or recreational swims, then a Round pool is better.


Is the price of a rectangular pool cheaper than other pools?

If you differentiate the rectangular pools compared to curved pools according to construction, then it is perfect. The rectangle pools need more square footage in a backyard.


What is the price of a rectangular pool?

The Rectangular inground pools usually come with a price range that is over $10,000. Whereas the cost of the Inground vinyl liner pools is $20,000–$55,000. The price of Inground fiberglass pools is $45,000–$85,000 and the cost of the Inground concrete pools is $50,000–$100,000.











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