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Top 5 Portable Bidet

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Top 5 Portable Bidet




During the pandemic time, you might have noticed that many businesses remained closed. Therefore, people were unable to buy their daily household items. Toilet paper is also one of the daily household items that people need. But these papers just flew off the shelves. It was the time when a portable bidet came to its use. However, a bidet is a great alternative to toilet paper also. These can fulfill the requirements of toilet paper and these are eco-friendly too.


Now, we are going to describe the features of the top 5 portable bidets. Let’s figure it out.


portable bidet sprayer



If you are looking for a device for undercarriage cleaning, then you can purchase this product. These portable bidets are very easy to use. The weight of this portable bidet is only 12-ounce. It includes a retractable nozzle, nozzle cover, and ahead. This portable bidet comes with 10 holes that offer more coverage along with a powerful stream of water so that you can get a faster clean. In addition, the device contains a drawstring travel bag with the help of which you can carry this portable bidet from one place to another.


Awesome Features:


Easy to use:

These portable bidets are very helpful for those who gave birth to a child for the first time. With the help, they can soothe as well as clean the perineal area after giving birth. This product features a retractable nozzle and a nozzle cover.



The special design of the product allows you to use it with ease. Now, you only need to fill it with water and then hold the bidet upside down. By doing this, you can enjoy the freshness in the first postnatal months. The angle nozzle of this portable bidet comes with ten holes.



This product comes with a special EVA construction that makes the peri cleanser a perfect portable bidet. Compared to other regular plastic perineal washers, you can squeeze these ones very easily.



The size of the product is 12 Oz. You can handle this one effortlessly because of its perfect size and smart nozzle design.


Highly portable:

It comes with a bag in which you can carry the bidet. Therefore, no matter where you are – you can now soothe and clean your posterior area easily.



Easy to carry

Small nozzle design

Compact design



Gets leaked after a few usages


2. Portable Bidet Personal Wash mate


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Are you looking for a bidet that is perfect for the long run? Then, this portable handheld bidet is a fantastic solution. It is an ideal option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly bidet. Along with fulfilling all undercarriage washing needs, the extra-long head assures that you will get a perfect comprehensive cleaning. Now, you don’t need to use harsh toilet paper.


In addition, the head part of the bidet has many holes. These help to cover all your private areas. Moreover, it offers a fast cleaning.


Awesome Features:


Longer reach:

These personal bidets offer more coverage by using the 9″ Curved Nozzle.



You can carry this personal bidet while traveling and use it whenever you require.



Ideal for carrying while traveling

Extra-long curved nozzle



The nozzle gets popped off

Not long-term usable


3.CuloClean Portable Travel Bidet


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If you are searching for a bidet in a bottle then it is the one you need to choose. This portable bidet is perfect for long-term travel or backpacking. The compact design of this bidet makes it an exact travel bidet. What makes it exceptional is that this portable bidet for toilets fits in both small and large-necked bottles. This one can be fitted in every kind of bottle easily. You can use this bidet effortlessly.



Awesome Features:



This portable bidet is compatible with any plastic bottle which makes it useful. It is one of the smallest portable bidets available on the market.



The product allows you to regulate water with ease. This one is eco-friendly as well as durable.


Available in different packaging:

This Portable bidet comes in 1pcs, 2pcs, 4pcs, and 10pcs, and each one is packaged individually.



Individual wrapping


Fits in any plastic bottle



Not long-lasting

travel bidet

   4. TUSHY Travel Bidet


This travel bidet comes in palm size. You can get this portable bidet in three different colors. It can match your cleansing needs.


This travel bidet can be used in the workplace or school or while traveling. This portable bidet sprayer comes with a discreet carrying case. When you expand the device, the tank is able to hold about 11 fluid ounces. This portable bidet has a carabiner on the outside. It helps you to attach the product with bags, jeans, and other loops.


Awesome Features:



This portable bidet is available in the form of a sprayer bottle. The compact size of this travel bidet sprayer allows it to get fitted inside a small pouch on the backpack. The pouch enables you to carry it at any place— school, work, and other places.


Ready to use:

First, you need to remove the cap that is available on the top portion. Then, you need to fill the bidet with water. And then, you need to keep the cap on the device. After completing the task, use a spray nozzle to the desired angle. You need to squeeze the bottle to get a nice spray.



This travel bidet sprayer is not battery powered. Therefore, you don’t need to change the batteries. What you only need to do is to create the required pressure by squeezing the bottle tightly. The grooved body of the bottle makes the product ideal to grip. As a result, you can hold these with ease while cleaning up your personal areas. Besides, this portable bidet sprayer comes with a built-in carabiner using which you can clip onto backpacks.





Built-in carabiner


Cheaply made


 5. Sorbo Portable Travel Electric Bidet Sprayer


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It is operated by a battery. This one comes with a compact design that can be fitted easily in your pocket. It is very durable and due to this, it can deliver a comprehensive clean. You can adjust the nozzle by 180 degrees.


This Portable bidet for the toilet comes with two washing modes. These modes are: gentle and strong. Besides, this best electric portable bidet is equipped with a smart shut-off function that gets closed automatically after 60 seconds. In addition, this electric portable bidet is compatible with both warm and cold water.


Awesome Features:


Perfect cleaning:

By using this Portable bidet you can get a more soothing cleaning experience by using this product. It is an ideal choice for new moms and post-delivery.


Easy to use:

You can use this electric portable bidet using a button. First, you need to fill the reservoir with cold or warm water. Then, you need to turn them on. There are two water pressure modes— low (L) and high (H). Choose any of these which you prefer. But make sure that you are not injecting water beyond the scale line.


Adjustable nozzle:

It is a personal hygiene kit, designed mainly for pregnant women, post-delivery.  Besides, it has an adjustable nozzle that is versatile also. In addition, it also features a replacement nozzle.



The small shape of this product allows you to attach it to your purse. Especially for traveling, camping trips this product is very useful.



Small and easy to carry


Easy to use



Unable to create the water pressure properly



Buying guide:



The first and most essential thing you need to consider is the budget. It’s all up to you how much you are willing to invest. A portable bidet can help you to minimize the use of toilet paper. Thus, you can save more than $300 per year. Besides, you should buy such a product that can last long and comes with a warranty period. Before buying, it needs to be considered how much you will invest, and which features you want.


Electrical VS Non-Electrical:

The type of bidet you want is also a dependable factor. The cost will be high if you want to buy an electrical bidet. The non-electrical ones don’t need electricity and they offer minimal features. A few models come with a feminine wash feature whereas some have self-cleaning nozzles. Remember that the electrical bidet needs an electrical outlet.


Feminine Wash:

It is also an important factor to consider. You need to check whether the bidet comes with the feminine nozzle position option or not. As soon as you use the portable bidet, there comes a warm airflow. It helps to dry your posterior area. With the help of it, you can dry the wet portion easily. Besides, you don’t need to use any toilet paper also which is an additional benefit.



While purchasing, you should check whether the bidet is hygienic or not. The Stainless steel nozzles don’t allow any dirt or bacteria to enter. Although you can use those nozzles that consist of silver iodide. This kind of material helps to resist bacteria.


Adjustable Water Temperature:

If you have decided to use warm water, then check whether it comes with a water temperature adjusting facility or not. Most electrical bidets come with this particular option. But a few of them don’t have these, as this feature is not so essential.


Adjustable Water Pressure:

Usually, electrical bidets come with adjustable water pressure which is also another feature to consider. That’s why before buying, you need to check the water spray.


Adjustable Nozzle Position:

When you will buy electric bidets, the major factor you should consider is the position of the adjustable nozzle. Plenty of bidets is available in the market. The price of these items varies depending on their features, brands as well as material quality.


Oscillating and water pulse Cleanse:

It is also a feature that makes a bidet the best. However, it isn’t a must-have feature. But if you want to buy the best one, you must check whether the bidet has this feature or not. With the help of it, you don’t need to adjust your body part. It can cover a wide area. This feature is a great addition for those people who want ultimate comfort and the best cleaning.


On the other hand, before buying, you need to check if it contains any water pulse cleanse. This feature offers a better cleaning taking the help of a pulse action spray. Thus, it can easily eliminate all solid matters.


Turbo/Enema Wash:

It is one of the features to consider while buying electric bidet models. People can use it for conditions like hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. This feature helps to get a swirling massage for relaxing the anus.



When it comes to saying about personal hygiene, then it can be said that bidets are a great alternative to tissue papers. Now, with the spray of water, you can remove the nasty stuff from your butt. As these portable bidets are environment friendly, the demand for these products is increasing day by day.  Here, we have given the top 5 portable hands held bidets. You can choose your desired one as per your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are portable handheld bidet sanitary?

Yes, these bidets are sanitary. If you want to get the best hygienic experience,‌ then you should buy a bidet.

 2. Are bidets better than wiping?


If you want to rinse the fecal matter and remove it using water, then a bidet is a great option for you. By using these bidets, you can give your skin gentle care.

 3. From where can I buy a portable bidet for the toilet?

You can search on google by typing portable bidet amazon. As well as you can get the high-pressure portable bidet, electric portable bidet on other shopping websites. Although you can visit your nearby shops too.

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