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Top 5 Best Pool Chlorine Tablets

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Top 5 Best Pool Chlorine Tablets



Buying a pool can be easy but looking after the pool is really hard work. You need to keep the pool water clean and clear. For this proper maintenance and sanitizing are essential.

It is when the pool chlorinating tablets come to its use. These help to remove the germs and keep the sticky materials away from your pool. You need to test your pool water every week.

However, it depends on your use and outside variables. You can use the DPD or OTO reagent-based water test kit, test strips, or you can do digital testing to test your pool water.


Usually, we use Chlorine as water purification tablets due to its disinfection and purifying properties. You can get in the market in the form of tablets. These are used for various sanitization purposes.

The benefits of these tabs are just incredible. Here, we have given the top five best chlorine tablets that are very effective. These can effortlessly keep your pool clean and offer you a healthy swim. Let’s check out.


chlorine tablets for pool



chlorine tablets for pool





In the Swim 3 Inch Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets



These 3-inch Chlorine Tablets can kill harmful microorganisms effortlessly. This product comes with individual packing along with active sanitizing ingredients.

These ingredients help to remove the poisonous microorganisms. Thus, these chlorine tablets for small pools make your pool water germ-free. These Chlorine tablets come with high-end cleansing abilities. That’s why people like to use these pool Chlorine tablets for their pool.


You need to test your pool water every week. However, it depends on your use and outside variables. You can use the DPD or OTO reagent-based water test kit, test strips, or you can do digital testing to test your pool water.


These Chlorine tablets for above-ground pools contain Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione that has a 99% composition. These pool chlorine tablets are very effective against bacteria, viruses, germs, and algae.

Besides, these pool Chlorine tablets help to regulate the optimum pH value in water. In addition, these tablets are famous for the slow dissolving rate. It ensures that you will get a long-lasting effect against the disinfectants. The cost of these pool chlorine tablets is low.  Every tablet comes with well wrapping in a plastic coating. This coating helps to maintain the quality as well as it can prevent water intrusion.


Awesome Features:

Pool cleaning:

You need to keep your pool always neat and clean. If you clean the filter and empty the skimmer basket, you can use the pool for the long term. It allows you to enjoy your family and you each season. This tablet comes to your favor here. It helps to keep your bacteria-free.


Balance water level:

You obviously want your pool water to have an adequate pH level as well as Alkalinity levels. Water having these benefits can ensure that it can kill the bacteria effortlessly. These pool chlorine tablets can easily balance the pH and alkalinity level in the pool water.


Pool Sanitizing:

Multiple types of pool chlorine tablets are available in the market that you can use to clean your pool. The most effective way that you can follow to maintain the exact Chlorine level is to use these chlorine tablets.

In this case, you need to buy a floater or chemical feeder. By following this process, and adding these chlorine tablets for small pools, you can ensure that these tabs will remove the non-living organic contaminants, microorganisms, bacteria, algae, etc.



Cleans your pool effectively.

Remove bacteria, algae, etc.


A few users get broken tablets


pool tablets



Rx Clear 1-Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets



If you want to sanitize your pool, then these pool Chlorine tablets are excellent options for you. These 1-inch pool Chlorine tablets come with UV stability.


These swimming pool tablets are very effective against bactericide, disinfectant, and algaecide.

The pool Chlorine tablets make the water germ free and thus it makes the water fresh and clean.  Besides, these chlorinating tablets help to remove foul odor.


Awesome Features


Dissolve chemicals properly:

You need to use 16 ounces in every 10,000 gallons of pool water. Add the chlorinating tablets into the floating chlorinator.

Now, you need to use the flow of the pump. It will help to dissolve the pool tablets and distribute the tablet chemical.



The weight of the chlorinating tablets for pools is 0.5 oz. Every bucket includes many bagged tablets so that these can decrease the chemical mess. These pool tablets consist of 90% chlorine, and 99% Trichlor.



You get these swimming pool tablets at a less expensive price compared to other brands.  The pool chlorine tablets can easily clean your pool and keep the water germ-free.



Gets dissolved properly



A few users reported that they got broken tablets


chlorine tablets for pools


CLOROX Pool & Spa 22005CLXW Active99 3″ Chlorinating Tablets


Description: These 3-inch pool chlorine tablets enable you to clean your pool water quickly. Now, you don’t need to give too much effort. In these tablets, the concentrated trichloro-s-Triazinetrione.

It offers 90% stabilized chlorine. Each of these swimming pool tablets weighs only 8 ounces. Every tablet is wrapped individually.


The only drawback of the product is that these Chlorine tabs are more expensive compared to other products available on the list.


Awesome Features:


Weekly Usages:

These swimming pool tablets are capable of maintaining 1 to 4 parts-per-million of Free Chlorine.  You need to apply these tablets every week.


Easy to use:

You can apply the pool Chlorine tablets to the feeder, skimmer, or floater easily. It is always better to check your pool water each week. By doing so, you need to make sure that the chlorine and pH levels will remain at optimum levels.



Maintain the ph level of water

Clean pool water effectively



According to the user reports, these tablets don’t dissolve properly


chlorinating tablets


NAVA Chlorinating Tablets For Swimming Pool/SPA



These Chlorine tablets for pools come in 3 inches in diameter. If you are looking for such tablets that can help you to remove the scum, algae, and bacteria from your pool, then these are excellent choices for you.

These Chlorine tablets for pools are available from 25 pounds to 100 pounds.


People who want to stock up pool tablets and apply them in summer can use these tablets.

Trichloro-s-Triazinetrione is an active ingredient in these tablets that is 99% concentrated. This ingredient offers about 90% available stabilized chlorine. The weight of each Chlorine tab is only 8 ounces. These tablets come at a budget-friendly price.


Awesome Features:

 No residue:

These cheap chlorine tablets provide Chlorine residual throughout the day. It makes you sure that there will be no residue in the pool.


Keeps water germ-free:

The 99% Active Ingredient of these cheap chlorine tablets can easily kill bacteria. Besides, these cheap Chlorine tablets for pools help to control the effect of algae.


Floater or feeder application:

You can use the individually wrapped tablets along with alternative devices. You can use these cheap chlorine tablets for pools in ionizers, Ozonators, and mineral feeders.



Affordable price range

Keep the water clean

Control the harmful effect of algae



Doesn’t get dissolved easily


chlorine tablets for small pools


Swim Best 50 lbs. Bucket 3 Inch Swimming Pool Stabilized Chlorine Tablets



These tablets are capable of cleaning your pool effortlessly.  As soon as you put these tablets into your pool, they will disinfect the water.

These pool Chlorine tablets are ideal for feeder baskets, skimmers, and floaters. The dissolving speed of the Chlorine tablets is very slow that ensures that these cover all corners of the pool perfectly.


These tablets are highly concentrated that offer optimum safety. Besides, these don’t stain the pool. These tablets have EPE certification that makes you sure that you are using safe products.


Awesome Features:


It keeps the water of the pool clean and germ-free for an extended period.


Easy to use:

The chlorinating tablets are easy to use and offer complete pool care.



Offers optimum safety

Easy to use



Quite fragile


Buying guide of a Chlorine Tablet

Before buying, you need to consider a few factors such as how to use Chlorine tabs, where to buy Chlorine tablets, and so on. Here, we have discussed a few factors that you need to consider before buying the pool Chlorine tablets.


Tablet Size:

You can get the Chlorine tablets available in only two sizes that are 1-inch and 3-inch variations. The size of the tablet you are going to use depends on the size of the pool you have.

The tablet size also depends on the dispenser type which you have. A few floating chlorine feeders are there that are capable of holding a single chlorine tablet only.

You can count the number of pool tablets easily. Besides, you should follow the instructions of the tablets that let you know the number of tabs you need to put per 10,000 gallons of water.


Tablet Composition:

These tablets consist of multiple chemicals. In this case, you need to ensure that these tabs contain 90% chlorine. You should always buy stabilized chlorine tablets as these tabs don’t get dissolved quickly under the sun.

Tablets containing this level of chlorine can easily kill algae, bacteria, yeast, fungus, viruses, and other nasties.


Tablet Dissolve Speed:

It is vital to know the dissolving speed of any tablet as this one is the crucial aspect. If the dissolving speed of the tab is very slow, then it will leave an ugly green shade on your pool.

Both Goldilocks and porridge are perfect in this case as these come with appropriate dissolve speed. Chlorine tablets of each of these brands will take around 7 to 10 days to dissolve.


Tablet Packaging:

It is also an essential factor to consider. You can see that most of the companies wrap the pool Chlorine tablets individually in large containers. Therefore, the risk of breaking the tablets is minimized.  We know that Chlorine is a very powerful chemical.

That’s why you should wear gloves and even goggles if needed. You should wear a mask also for handling this task. Sometimes, the package size becomes a dependable factor because of the fragile character of Chlorine tablets. Always try to choose such tablets that come in small packages. It is because the larger ones can be broken during the shipping time.



If you want to keep your pool water sanitized, germ-free, then you certainly need to buy these chlorinating tablets. You can get chlorine tablets for above-ground pools, small pools, and so on.

Are you wondering where to buy chlorine tablets? You can visit your local store. As well as you can purchase these pool chlorine tablets from online sites. If you go for online purchasing, then you can get a few advantages. For example, you can check the price and customer reviews of different tablets. Thus, you can decide which pool tablets can hit your needs.

Here, we have listed the top 5 chlorine tablets for the pool. Now, it’s all up to you for which one you need to buy.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.Should you swim while the chlorine tablets in the pool?

 Yes, you can swim in your pool while the Chlorine tablets are present in the water. However, by testing, you need to ensure that the chlorine level that the water is safe enough for swimming.


 2. How long do the pool chlorine tablets last?

These can last from three to five years. But you need to store the tablets in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated basement. Make sure that you are not leaving the tabs in the sun directly. Heat can degrade the working process of the tabs.


3.Is there any difference among the variety of pool chlorine tablets?

The 3-inch tablets can clean near about 10,000 gallons for a maximum of one week whereas the 1-inch tablets can clean less amount of water.


 4. Are chlorine tablets bad for your pool?

No, these are not bad. Instead, the tablets help to sanitize your pool. These tablets contain chlorine & CYA and make the pool water clean.





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