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Top Five Hot Tub Vacuum – 2022

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Hot Tub Vacuum


Have you bought an inflatable hot tub for your enjoyment and relaxation? Then, you can enjoy your evenings under the stars, even with your friends and family, and can have a great hot tub experience. But what after use? You must think about its maintenance of new luxury. 


You have to think about the cleanliness of the model to keep it safe and enhance your relaxation and massage experience.

When you don’t clean it for a long time, you can find it full of debris, sand, and leaves on the bottom. That’s why you need to invest in a hot tub vacuum. Using a hot tub vacuum, it is possible to clean dust, debris, etc. 


Best Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaners

Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaners

1. Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Pool-Cleaner with 10.5” Scrub Brush Head, Large Filter Bag, Ideal for In-Ground Pool and Above Ground Pools for Leaves, Dirt and Sand & Silt.



The model is one of the famous products of the brand Water Tech. It is one of the best hot tub vacuums made as a handy tool. This best hot tub vacuum cleaner is good for the inground pool.




Suction power:

It doesn’t come with any cord, but still, the hot tub vacuum has great suction power for the installed Water Tech P30 motor on it. The hot tub vacuum cleaner can take about 60 minutes to clean. 


Fast cleaning:

The product comes with a 10.5 inches vacuum head and brush array which helps you to clean any pool or hot tub surface.



It uses Lithium-Ion battery technology that you can recharge within four hours. The best hot tub vacuum cleaner has a 1-year limited warranty.



Lithium-Ion battery technology

Quick cleaning

Great value for money

Huge suction



A few customers reported that they had received a defective hot tub suction cleaner.


2. Kokido EV30CBX Telsa 30 Pool Spa Vacuum Cleaner with Removable Filter


Kokido EV30CBX Telsa 30 Telescopic Rechargeable Electric Pool Spa Vacuum Cleaner with Removable Filter



It is one of the best hot tub vacuums. The model is a great rechargeable hot tub vacuum cleaner that can clean the floor and walls thoroughly. 





You do not find a pump or any filter system in the motor of the manual hot tub vacuum. The reason is that the hot tub suction cleaner already comes with its default removable filter where you can collect the debris. 



Simple to use

Clean difficult-to-reach places. 



Unable to filter sand and algae well


3. Intex 28620 EP Handheld Rechargeable Spa Pool Vacuum, Grey



Are you using an Intex hot tub? Then, you may hear about this DIY hot tub vacuum. The vacuum for a hot tub is ideal to use for hot tubs up to 18 inches in diameter.





In the vacuum for hot tub cleaner, you can get rechargeable batteries with strong suction capability.



The DIY hot tub vacuum consists of two interchangeable brush heads and a 94 ” telescoping aluminum shaft weighing very light. 


Automatic feature:

This hot tub vacuum comes with a great feature like shut off automatically capability while not submerged in water.



Simple to use 


Two interchangeable brush heads



Don’t use the hot tub vacuum on bigger hot tubs for insufficient suction power.


4. Zodiac 5-100-00 SpaWand Hand Held Pool and Spa Cleaner



What makes this best hot tub vacuum special is that you don’t have to connect it to any hose or power source to use it. The cleaner is ideal to use. 





Its six-pack pop display is easy to use. Besides, it is an effective hand-held cleaning device suitable for spas and pools. 




Simple design



Drains slowly between each suction attempt. 


5. PoolWhale Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner



It is a great deluxe underwater vacuum cleaner that comes in four section poles. These poles enable you to use them easily. 




Section pole:

The poles help to save water and decrease chemical consumption in the cleaning process. You can use the hot tub vacuum cleaner along with your garden hose.


Clear debris:

It uses the force of the water pressure to create an attraction where it draws debris and cleans the place.



Clean hard to reach places

Simple to clean walls by having a brush

Suitable for small to medium-sized hot tubs



Unable to pick up sand properly

hot tub vaccum

Factors to consider for the best Hot Tub Vacuum:

Several factors are there that you have to consider to select the best hot tub vacuum cleaner. The features of a perfect hot tub vacuum are as follows:- 


Cord or Cordless:

Before going to buy a vacuum cleaner with a cord or without one, you need to identify the size of your hot tub. If you have a large hot tub, you need to go with a strong vacuum cleaner instead of smaller-sized ones. It indicates that you will need a hot tub vacuum that is capable of getting its power directly from a wall outlet or power strip. Buying a cordless vacuum cleaner can not offer the same suction power as it depends on batteries.


Power Source:

The type of power source for your hot tub hand vacuum is a vital determining factor. You have to choose whether you are willing to have an electric source (battery-operated), a mechanical source (manual pool vacuums), or water pressure (siphoning).


If you are not willing to invest money in energy costs, go with a manual hot tub vacuum or a hot tub vacuum using water pressure in your hot tub.



We hope that the hot tub vacuum guide is helpful to you and makes it simpler to choose the right hot tub hand vacuum for your needs. Choose wisely the best hot tub vacuum according to your need. 




How do you get sand out of a hot tub without a hot tub vacuum?

Use Silly Putty because it is waterproof. Therefore, if there is no spa vacuum available on hand, you can grab a wad of Silly Putty. After that, you need to press it on the sand, debris, leaves, etc. It is capable of picking up the staff right away. 


What is the brown stuff in your hot tub?

When the ph level of water becomes too high, it can cause minerals like iron that will further react with chlorine. As a result, you can see here a nasty brown scum on the water’s surface. You can find it sticking to the shell’s surface also. 


Can you use a wet and dry vacuum on a hot tub?

Yes, it is possible to use a wet and dry vacuum in a hot tub. Pipe flushes, draining, and winterizing are a few methods that you can try. 

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