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Top 5 Barrel Sauna in 2022

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Top 5 Barrel Sauna in 2022


Have you ever used saunas? If yes, then you will know that these are very relaxing and therapeutic. The barrel sauna comes with awesome benefits. This type of sauna enables you to relax in the backyard. You can choose outdoor barrel saunas because these can include a touch of uniqueness to the backyard design.


These are designed ingeniously. When you assemble wooden planks, these get a cylindrical shape. There are 2 circular walls at both ends. However, if you are willing, then you can have an indoor barrel sauna. There are plenty of models that are designed to be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. 


What is a Barrel Sauna?

A barrel Sauna is a type of outdoor sauna that is available in barrel shapes. These come in a cylindrical shape with long staves. The barrel sauna fits together for encircling the curved front and back walls.


Top five best barrel saunas:


1. Canadian Red Cedar Wood 6′ Foot Outdoor Barrel Sauna, 4 Person

 The outdoor barrel sauna is capable of accomodating 4 people at a time. It offers a 1-year warranty. Besides, the product provides a thermometer and bucket with a ladle that helps to pour water. Its heater is strong at 6kW. The product is a Grade A Canadian Cedar that has a foot size of 6′. 





The outdoor barrel sauna comes with 2 Support Feet, 3 Metal Bands or Clamps, Water Bucket, and Ladle, Thermometer, or Hydrometer. You should know that there doesn’t exist any porch on the front side. 


Overall Size:

The length of the outdoor barrel sauna is 6 Feet whereas the diameter size is 6 Feet.



It needs 220v voltage with 9 KW (3 wire 220v, 40 Amps). It is recommended to use a 50A breaker. Hence, you can’t get a power cable. Make sure that a licensed electrician or contractor has done the job of electrical wiring. 



Water bucket, thermometer, available

One-year warranty

 Metal Bands or Clamps


Need trimming Barrel Sauna Kit W44, 6 Person Outdoor Sauna 

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 When it comes to the fanciest outdoor barrel sauna, this product is the winner. It is made up of Scandinavian spruce. Besides, it offers a changing room with an external porch. There is a Harvia wood-burning heater also that offers electric heating. The cost of the barrel sauna is very high for its elaborate construction and materials. 




Support 6 adults:

This barrel sauna offers comfort and enables 6 adults to enjoy it together. Every barrel sauna kit contains seats, doors, windows, and high-quality electric or wood-fired heating systems.



It is available in a unique cylindrical shape that offers natural circulation of air. The barrel sauna provides longer steam cycles and helps to save on energy costs. 



These come in such a design that needs to be set up yourself. Two adults can assemble this in a day.  Sometimes, the process can take two days that relying on the size of the outdoor barrel sauna. The barrel sauna kit offers a complete assembly service. 



It has two rooms. The thickness of the wall is 1-5/8″ ( 42 mm). Besides, the inside dimension of the changing room is 6’6′ x 4’9″ whereas the inside dimension of a steam room is 6’6″ x 6’7″. The size of the inside diameter is 6’6″ whereas the dimensions of the sauna bench are 2x 4’9″, 2x 6’7″. The dimension of the outside part is 14’5″ Long x 6’9″ Wide x 6’9″ High. Its diameter of the outer part is 6’7″ whereas 7’1″ is the overall height. 24″ x 75″ is the dimensions of the door. 



The barrel sauna kit comes with a wooden door with a terrace covered. The dimensions of the porch are 2’4″. It has Foundation Materials and weighs 2500 lbs. The heater kit is wood-burning. 



Wooden door

Unique cylindrical shape

Longer steam cycle



No cons. 

3. Pinnacle Cedar 4-Person Electric Barrel Sauna

Pinnacle Cedar 4-Person Electric Barrel Sauna

 It is a 4-person traditional barrel sauna that is designed as well as crafted in the USA. This cedar barrel sauna comes with a standard 110-V LED light bar that offers a soft accented glow to the product. It features a dial-controlled 6.0kW stainless steel heater along with 40 lbs. of sauna stones. This cedar barrel sauna will heat up to 195°F within an hour. You should sprinkle water on the sauna stones for a rejuvenating burst of steam. If you want, you can repeat the same for adding humidity to the dry sauna. 





The cedar barrel sauna comes in a sturdy design that makes it very stylish. It is useful for maximum heat circulation. When you use a barrel-shaped sauna, the heat is circulated back down along the curved walls rather than pooling near the top. Thus, it generates a constant flow of distributed heat throughout the sauna.



The cedar barrel sauna is made up of thick and insulating rustic cedar. Besides, it is designed with the help of a ball-and-socket profile. You should use minimal fasteners to show off the natural and smooth wood. 



It contains a cedar door that offers a tempered glass window. This window enables the natural light in. This cedar barrel sauna is placed on two polymer support cradles which help to keep the undercarriage of the sauna. 



LED bar for soft accented glow

Add humidity by sprinkling water

Dial-controlled stainless steel heater



Leaks sometimes

4. Audra Cedar 4 Person Electric Canopy Barrel Sauna

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The sauna barrel comes in a simple design and it is very effective also. Thus, it offers maximum space to use by reducing excess cubic feet. As a result, the barrel sauna gets heated quickly and efficiently. There are two interior full-length benches that are useful for ample space for 2-4 people.


 It is manufactured in the USA and designed with the help of a ball-and-socket profile. The sturdy stainless-steel bands and minimal fasteners held the product in place. It lets the lumber staves expand and contract for forming a tight seal. The sauna barrel is mounted on weather-resistant polymer support cradles. 





The sauna barrel consists of 1-3/8 in. thick rustic cedar and a smooth natural wood. These are ideal to insulate. It has a cedar door that is equipped with a tempered glass window. 



You are required to set the front wall section back for increasing the product’s look taking the help of a functional and decorative porch. It has two benches placed opposite for sitting. 


LED bar:

It comes with a 110-Volt LED light bar that offers a soft accented glow to the product. The product features a dial-controlled 220-Volt, 30 Amp 4.5kW heater. Besides, it has 40 lbs. of sauna stones.



110-Volt LED light bar

Dial-controlled heater

Thick rustic cedar



Issues are seen with the heater


5. Aleko 5-person Finland Pine Electric Heater sauna

Aleko 5-person Finland Pine Electric Heater sauna

 The product offers almost all luxury as well as comfort at a more accessible price point. It can accommodate four people inside together where two people can sit on the porch while stretching out. You are capable of resting against the flat wall. 


You can use the product both indoors and outdoors. It comes with features like a full glass door with self-closing hinges. Thus, it helps in retaining the room heat. It has a glass door that is tinted for contributing to the quiet, and relaxing environment. 




Electric heater:

There is an electric heater that offers the full experience with heated rocks. It has a bucket and ladle that enables you to pour water over hot stones. Thus, these help to increase both temperature and humidity to get the most health benefits. It works as almost heaven saunas. 


Interior light:

It glows to offer perfect ambiance. Every home sauna comes with a bucket, ladle, thermometer or hydrometer, interior lamp holder, and heater fence. 


Wooden cradles:

It is mounted on 2 weather-resistant wooden support cradles which assist in preserving the wood. 


Suitable to use:

This home sauna is ideal to use for the front porch and back deck. You can set up this within a few hours. It is very simple to do. There exists an electrical 4.5 kW ETL-approved heater. You should know that the stainless steel components are not going to harm or rust the home sauna. 



ETL approved heater

Suitable for front porch and back deck

Weather-resistant wooden cradles

Interior light



No roof cover


Buying guide of barrel sauna:


When you are going to buy a barrel sauna or select this to use for your home, then you need to consider a few factors before making the final decision. We have given here some characteristics that you are required to consider before buying the best barrel sauna.


Wall Log Thickness:

It is one of the essential aspects that you have to consider while buying a new barrel sauna. The wall log’s thickness indicates greater insulation. In most cases, the wall thicknesses are 1-3/8” to 1-1/2” and 1-5/8”. Although you seem that the dimension differences are minor, these are not. You should check the material thickness also that you can use for the front and back walls. You can find multiple manufacturers who use 1” thick material.


Solid or Joined Wall Logs: 

When it comes to solid wall logs, these almost heaven saunas are essential like thicker wall materials. You should know that wood is actually a natural item due to which it is capable of shrinking and expanding relying on weather conditions. As soon as you join the logs, you can see small cracks appearing, which enables heat to escape. 



Always try to select a wood-framed, lockable door because it lets you lock the barrel sauna when not in use. As it remains locked while you are not around, the wind will not blow this open. Children are unable to use the barrel sauna as a playhouse while you are not in your home. 


Support Legs:

Try to buy a barrel sauna with more legs. It helps to distribute the weight of the barrel sauna more evenly. Thus, it will help to take the stress from floor legs. The support legs help the product to keep the structure straight and level.



It indicates those bands which hold the sauna together. The reason is that wood helps to expand and shrink relying on the weather. The more band your sauna has, the more tightly it gets held. 


Bench Dimensions:

Before buying, you should make sure that you have checked the bench dimensions. As you use these repeatedly, therefore you need to make sure that these are comfortable and well proportioned. Besides, you have to ensure that there presents enough bench length for stretching out comfortably, laying down, and relaxing. As the width is essential as the length, therefore make sure that it has at least 21” width.



 You can definitely add an outdoor or indoor barrel sauna as a great addition to your home. This one is a stylish fixture that helps to spruce up your backyard and helps to gives benefits to your health. It is a great way to wind down after a stressful day of work. A few users prefer to use barrel saunas for losing weight and skin benefits. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does barrel sauna have any good?

Yes, these are a nice addition to your home whether it is outdoor or indoor. It will give you skin benefits also. 


2. How long do barrel saunas last?

These can last on average 15-20 years. However, if you take meticulous care and maintain your daily routine, then a barrel sauna can last for more than 20 years.


3. Can you use a barrel sauna indoors?

Barrel Saunas are designed in such a way that helps to shed water and moisture. Besides, the Western Red Cedar comes with a feature like weather-resistant. However, it can work both indoors and outdoors.

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