Above Ground Pool Vacuum

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Guidelines 2022

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Above Ground Pool Vacuum


The above-ground swimming pool is a great way to bring warm-weather fun to your yard. But these need routine maintenance to assure their hygiene and longevity. Above ground, pools are not like inground pools that come with integrated underground filtration system installation

These depend on passive external filtration and removable electric pool vacuums using which you are capable of removing dust, debris, etc. 


The above-ground pool vacuum is the pool cleaning equipment necessary to clean the pools quickly. Besides, Above ground pool vacuum can scrub the pool inside without requiring draining. Thus, you can even save your money on a cleaning service using an Above ground pool vacuum. But do you know how to vacuum an above-ground pool? This guide lets you know how to vacuum an above-ground pool. 


Top above ground pool vacuum:


1. DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner



The automatic pool vacuum for the above-ground pool can work in both inground or above-ground pools up to 33 feet in length making it exceptional in the market. The Above ground pool vacuum comes with a 50-foot waterproof electrical cord which you can attach to your vacuum top. Thus, it helps you to prevent tangling or kinking. 





You can get an internal filter and a collection basket available in the Above ground pool vacuum. Keep your automatic pool vacuum for the above-ground pool empty to get performance at top efficiency. With the help of a handle, you can lift out of the pool easily.



The Above ground pool vacuum allows you to set the time weekly. It helps to activate the vacuum up to seven times in one week. If you are willing, you can set this above-ground pool vacuum to clear every other day or every 3 days. 



Weekly timer

Full cleaning cycle 





2. U.S. Pool Supply 16″ Weighted Pool Vacuum Head



The manual above-ground pool vacuum enables you to connect to a 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch hose. When you connect it to the hose, it helps you to borrow suction from the filtration system. Hence, the hose’s one end attaches to the top of the vacuum head. On the other hand, the other end attaches to the pool skimmer. Thus, the vacuum helps you to put dirt and debris directly into the pool filtration system. 




Weighted head:

The pool vacuum robot for above-ground comes with a 16-inch weighted head that can sit comfortably on the bottom of the pool. It helps to adjust the strong suction. 



If you find the suction too strong, even if you are unable to move the Above ground pool vacuum, then you have to manage the suction with the two air-relief valves. If you find the suction too weak, you should close the air valves.



Valves to manage suction power




No pole 

above ground pool vaccum

3. INTEX Automatic Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner



The Intex above ground pool vacuum can make the work of cleaning the swimming pool done with ease. You are capable of cleaning the pool effortlessly using the best above-ground pool vacuum for Intex. The Intex above ground pool vacuum needs a pump only with a flow rate between (1,600 – 4,000). Besides, the best above-ground pool vacuum for Intex is capable of reversing direction to cover the entire pool floor. 




Filter pump:

If you want to use the Above Ground Pool Vacuum Kit, you need to connect the filter pump only. 


Venturi suction:

The venturi suction helps to keep the pool bottom clear of leaves and debris. Thus, you can spend less time cleaning it and more time enjoying it. 



Venturi suction

Great filter pump



No cons


4. Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum



The reasonable pool vacuum robot for above-ground contains a 1.25-inch or a 1.5-inch hose and a 2-pound vacuum head. Besides, it comes with only a vacuum head. Therefore, you have to buy a hose and extension pole separately. 





The Above ground pool vacuum allows you to use it in inground pools. It comes with angled brushes on the tips of the triangular Above ground pool vacuum head helping to clean corners.



You can get nine sets of brushes that are available on the bottom of the Above ground pool vacuum. These help to remove dirt. 



Many brushes




No hose or pole


5. Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale Above Ground Pool Vacuum



The Above Ground Pool Vacuum Kit is a good option for you if you are searching for a pool vacuum for above ground pool

 suitable for any size or type of pool. You only have to attach it to the 32-foot suction hose. After that, you need to place the other hose end in the pool skimmer. 




Bumper ring:

It helps to decrease the friction between the walls, steps, or ladders in your pool. 


Ideal for kids:

The above-ground pool vacuum cleaner has a whimsical whale exterior perfect for kids. 



Bumper ring to decrease friction

Perfect for kids



 Clog with large debris


Buying guide of the Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum:

Before buying the best above-ground pool vacuum, you have to consider a few factors such as the budget and the expectations of the shopper. Besides, you have to choose the type of above-ground pool vacuum you are willing to have.


If you want to buy the Best vacuum for an above-ground vinyl pool, you need to consider the high-quality materials that can stand up to heavy use. In addition, look for a vacuum that is suitable for different pool shapes. 


The bottom line:

If you are looking for an above-ground pool vacuum cleaner that can do all its work, choose the Best vacuum for an above-ground vinyl pool always. However, our guide offers affordable pool vacuums for above-ground pools to choose from the list. 




How often should you vacuum your pool? 

If you want to vacuum your pool, you can do it anytime. However, vacuuming the pool at least once per week can help you to remove any excess dirt from the water.


Is it OK to leave a pool vacuum in the pool? 

A few above-ground pool vacuums can last for a long time in your pool for their design. But normally, it is better to remove the vacuum after cleaning the pool. 


Why is your pool dirty after you have vacuumed it?

If you see water dirty after vacuuming, then the issue is with your pool filter. 

While vacuuming, sometimes filters can pick up dust and dirt particles. However, having a properly functioning filtration system helps to pull the particles out of the water.

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