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Top Five Above Ground Pool Heater

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Top Five Above Ground Pool Heater


Do you want to buy an above ground pool heater? Then, it is going to be an essential consideration for you. An above-ground pool can increment your swimming session and make the environment suitable during warmer months. A ground heater can be beneficial here as it allows you to open the pool earlier in the late spring. These heaters can help you by soaking up the rays of the Sun throughout the day. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the top five above ground pool heater. Let’s have a look.

above ground pool heaters


Blue Wave NS445 12-Mil Solar Blanket



It is an adequate ground heater for Round Above-Ground Pools. But before using this, you need to consider the size of the heater and pool. The solar heater for above ground pool contains insulating thermal cells that are specially designed to capture heat.


The incredible heating technology of this heater helps to increase the temperature of pool water up to 15 °F. This above ground pool heater is constructed with superior materials. This heater comes in a blue color that allows the maximum sunlight to reach the pool’s water.





This solar heater for above ground pool is made especially for outsiders. The Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket can resist the Ultraviolet rays with ease. The heater can easily endure the intense sunlight.



The manufactures use high technology to construct swimming pools that help to create many thermal bubbles. These bubbles can help to trap the heat from the Sun. With the help of those innovative cells, one retains warmth for effective heat retention. As a result, you can have some lovely summer nights and cloudy days.



This thick 12-mil blanket uses a passive solar heating machine to increase your swimming pool’s temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.


Now, using this pool heater above ground, you can prevent up to 95% of chemical evaporation. The reduction of this evaporation is helpful for nature. Besides, it saves both your money and time.



This best above ground pool heater offers us a five-year warranty.



  • Affordable
  • A solar heater that uses the heat of the Sun



  • Can’t offer effective performance during the winter season.

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Sun2Solar Clear 18-Foot Round Solar Cover



This best above ground pool heater can keep the water of the pool warm and comfy with the sun energy. Hence, there is no necessity to spend a bill on electricity as it is the Sun who can make your job easier.


The heater works as an insulator. But this heater loses heat sometimes, and it does this process by evaporating the temperature of the pool’s water. This heater consists of small bubbles that are used to trap the sun’s heat.





This pool heater for above ground pool is made from thousands of small bubbles. These bubbles collect and retain heat by working together at night. This heater is perfect for making the temperature of the pool water warmer.


As soon as you use this round solar heater, this Amazon pool heater can prevent up to 95% of pool water evaporation.



The main thing you need to ensure is that you are placing this solar cover back at the top of the water. Try not to lose the warmth that is created throughout the night by the heater. Cover the solar blanket appropriately to keep the water hot.


As the entire pool’s water remains warm, you can jump into the swimming pool confidently. Therefore, you can show your swimming ability to your family and friends. The Sun2Solar solar cover is easy to put on the water and take off.



Sometimes, you may have a unique shaped above-ground pool. If you want to trim your pool to fit, you only need to face the bubbles down to the water and then trace a line on the cover in which you are going to cut off the extra material.



  • Tiny bubbles that are effective to trap heat
  • Decreases the amount of heat loss via evaporation
  • East to trim
  • Solar-powered


  • Not durable enough compared to others

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pool heater for above ground pool


SmartPool S240U Swimming Solar Heating System



Most people prefer to choose the SmartPool S240U Universal Swimming Solar system for Pool Heater above ground. This Amazon pool heater has a solar collector that is known for the optimum heat transference capability. The above ground pool heater has such a design that is compatible with other kinds of pools. According to the review, it is one of the best rated above ground pool heaters on the market.


The heater contains two lightweight 2-foot x 20-foot panels that are very durable. As this type of above ground pool heater is made from black polyolefin, it can transfer the heat of the Sun to the pool water. Patented tube and direct flow water circulation designs are also advantageous in this case. The most attractive feature of this above ground pool water heater is that you can use it with both in-ground and above ground pools. This above ground pool heater can be got at affordable rates.



SOLAR POOL HEATER – With the help of this above ground pool heater, you can capture free heat from the Sun rays effortlessly. It helps to increase the temperature of the pool water quickly. You can try this efficient and cost-effective heater for warming the water of above ground pool. 



Your pool contains a pump that pushes the water to pass through the panel’s tubes. When the water passes through the pipes, the water gets warmed by the sun’s heat. After that, the water is returned into the pool. This procedure can increase water temperature from 6 to 10 degrees F. And by doing these, the above ground pool heater can extend the pool season.


The above ground pool heater contains an existing filtration system. These pool heaters for above ground pools have four end caps, two elbows for flex hose connection, six stainless steel hose clamps, one roll of Teflon tape, and rubber connector hoses.


This type of pool heaters for above ground pools come with the tube-web-tube design. This exceptional design allows the above ground pool heater to capture the most heat from the Sun as much as possible. The above ground pool heater allows panels to expand and contract with changing temps because of its rigid flexibility. As a result, these pool heaters can last for a long time.



This above ground pool heater consists of two 2′ x 20′ panels that are made with polypropylene that makes the heater durable enough. As it has a universal system, it is compatible with all types of pools up to 31′ round or 18′ x 36′.



  • Compatible with both in-ground model and above ground pools
  • Excellent water circulation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Saves on electricity by using solar energy



  • The large panel compared to the other pool heater.

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used above ground pool heaters


Hayward Universal H-Series Pool & Spa Heater (H250FDN)



With the help of the 250,000 BTU natural gas heater, you can keep your pool warm with ease. It comes with several advanced technologies that help you to do so. This one of the best above ground pool heaters is equipped with electric, gas, and water connections.


The above ground pool water heater contains a digital LED control panel that includes nitride hot-surface igniters, cupro-nickel heat exchange, insulated combustion chambers, and stainless steel burners. These make the heater long-lasting. Also, the pool heater features a forced draft combustion system and a patented polymer header system. It is installed professionally with the help of only natural gas as a fuel.




Front-panel-only access and intuitive control pad:

The pool heater has an intuitive control pad that is easy to operate, service, and maintain.


Low NOx emissions:

The heater can meet all different air quality standards in all low-NOx areas. And make sure that it won’t affect too much on the environment.

Cupro Nickel State-of-the-art Finn Plate Heat Exchanger: 

You can get various heat exchangers of highly resilient Cupro Nickel that are durable enough.

Forced Draft Combustion System

This system helps to move air through the combustion chamber at an excellent flow rate.

Hayward Universal design:

This above ground pool heater comes with a universal design that makes the Hayward Universal H-Series Pool & Spa Heater very easy to install. Apart from this, the pool heater has a Patented polymer header and bypass valve design that makes the Hydraulic efficient and reliable.

Industry-leading hydraulic design:

The pool heater has an industry-leading Hydraulic design that helps to decrease the run time of the circulation pump. As a result, the pump can save energy up to 18% compared to other less efficient heaters.



  • LED control panel
  • Draft combustion system



  • Doesn’t last long

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ground heater

Intex Eco-Friendly Solar Heating Mat




This Intex above ground pool heater comes with a solar heater Mat that is compatible with any above ground pools. Coming in 47in X 47in size, the pool heater for above ground pool is very efficient, and consumes very little space.


This one of the pool heaters for above ground pools is a very energy efficient solar mat. People who want to purchase a pool heater at budget-friendly rates can select this for themselves. It is ideal for above ground pools with up to 8,000 gallons in water. The heater of this pool heater for above ground pool is designed in such a way so that it can support only the pool products from Intex. You only need to hook the heater up with any filter pump that has up to ½ HP or a pump flow rate. Using this heater, you can increase the pool temperature up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit.




Eco-friendly Solar technology:

The Intex above ground pool heater comes with an eco-friendly solar technology that helps to boost the temperature of the water by 3-5deg approx. But it relies on the size of the pool and weather conditions.

Suitable for above ground pools: 

The Intex above ground pool heater has a capacity of less than 30,280L (8,000gals) that suits all above ground pools. You only need to connect a filter pump with a flow rate that is less than 2,500gph (9,463L/h).

Easily absorb sun Rays: 

The pool heater has a 1m x 1m surface that absorbs the Sun rays quickly. Apart from this, Intex Eco-Friendly Solar Heating Mat contains 32mm hose attachment points and 2 B adapters to use with 38mm hoses.



  • Perfect to use in small areas
  • Budget-friendly rates
  • Eco-friendly


  • Merely supports Intex pools.

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intex above ground pool heater




In this article, we have covered a few of the most famous heater models. You can get enough details from our elaborated details of the top five best above ground pool heaters. When you will go to buy a pool heater, you need to consider a few factors such as pool size, pool type, the price of the heater, the time the heater takes to warm up the water of the pool, and so on.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.What is the method you should follow to heat the above ground pool fast?

Usually, solar heaters can work in the same process such as the other heater. But it doesn’t cause any harm to the pool. To heat above ground pools’ safely, you can use a combination of a Solar Heater and a Solar Cover.

2.What is the working procedure of an above ground pool heater?

People usually use solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters, and heat pumps. These work with the solar panels. When the filter cleans the water, a pump is there that sends the water through the panels for heating it.

3.What is the average time required for an above ground pool to be warmed up?

An above-ground pool usually takes eight to twelve hours to be warmed up. In this process, the temperature rises from 5 to 15 degrees F.

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